Featured artist: Nikki Gour

“I believe that true creativity comes with having an open mind, driven by experimentation to create “The New”. My art is inspired by the materials I use and the challenge within the discovery of the materials natural elements of line, color, form and reflection.I enjoy nature and it’s natural elements of energy in relation to material objects and people.

I am obsessed with the materials of resin, glass and metal for the simple aspect of their natural beautiful finish, transparency, and the way they capture light. I enjoy working with rich, vibrant colors, while incorporating formal aspects of metal materials to capture the paintings unique subtleties and enhance the formal aspects of the painting. Currently I am working with coloring resin and applying it the canvas and glass using a specific technique.”

Nikki’s art is quite unique, each piece will have different elements from the previous pieces she creates and that will become obvious as you see more of her work, you cannot help it but feel connected to it.

More of her work can be seen at the gallery Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 5pm or by appointment.