Surreal Art exhibit

Surreal Opening Night

On February 8, 6 to 9pm Endeavor Arts Gallery invites you to the unveiling of Surreal, a group exhibition

of three unique artists whose work represents remarkable themes. Connect with them in person
and get deeply immersed in the stories that inspire works featured in the Exposure Festival 2013.


Toronto based photographer Laura Paterson weaves an artful stroke with her vintage Holga
camera, capturing emotive scenes with a youthful innocence. With her unique composition
and dreamy effects, Laura’s quiet and peaceful images draw on the viewer’s experience and
perception of common scenes to tell a story.

Alchemy of Light

Also from Toront,o  Bob Carnie’s Alchemy of Light series utilizes the 19th century method of solarization,
which marries light and chemistry to transform common objects into painterly objects. Alchemy of
light began in 2003 and since then Bob’s creative distortion of tones forces the viewer’s eye and
mind to actively move between what’s real and what’s imagined.


Calgary’s celebrated commercial and fine art photographer Jeff Cruz reveals Time. The collection
employs the use of long exposure photography and motion to capture the essence of time. With
varying exposure times and the movement of objects such as headlights, stars and reflected
sunrises seen in a different world.