Founder at Latte Art Love Pop Up Cafe and Delight Pop Up

Elle Nguyen

Elle Nguyen

Founder at Latte Art Love Pop Up Cafe and Delight Pop Up

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Elle Nguyen, owner of Latte Art Love, has an unwavering passion for coffee and Coffee Culture. She built her foundation as a barista by working at a cafe – experimenting, improving, and enjoying the process of making specialty coffee.

Her coffee knowledge developed via the Scientific Method of observation, experimentation, and testing, and strengthened with training from Fratello Coffee, a cup of latte by this coffee enthusiast is definitely a treat for the palate.

By understanding the science and process behind espresso coffee, Elle is able to design unique presentations of food art, creating conversational icebreakers for coffee lovers.

Besides being a barista, Elle specializes in gourmet cotton candy creations, shaved iced delights, and satisfying coffee and tea beverages.

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