Visionary Nanotech Art Exhibition

Exhibition Nov 17 – Jan 10

We have a stunning collection of visionary art in this exhibition. Featuring works by Android Jones, Simon Haiduk, Andy Thomas, Andrew Gonzalez, Anna Dittmann, Shaun Freezen, Fabian Jimenez and more. All pieces are limited editions available for purchase.

On Dec 13

We partner with our friends at Evolved Productions to celebrate the second visionary nanotech exhibition.

MICHAEL RED (Low Indigo, Lighta! Sound, Chambers) – Vancouver BC

Michael Red is a Vancouver-based electronic music producer, performer and DJ.
“Red combines “sound art” with DJ art, improvising live and blending atmospheric touches with dancefloor sensibilities, all immersed in the careful spirit of dub. His DJ sets traverse the entire universe of “bass” and beyond, always mining the future for the most original and intriguing sounds he can find.” -Andrew Ryce (pitchfork, RA)

Stage Design Visual Project: Cubist Monolith
By: Lo Definition
Test Video on vimeo.

Design Remix and Visionary Nanotech:
The Galactik Trading Card Oracle Complex