World of Red Sands Alien Art Exhibition

Opens May 8,  7 – 10pm

Exhibit May 8 – June 5


The World of Red Sands Alien Art Exhibit will be a collection of highly detailed and lifelike figurative sculpture based on the life forms of a distant world created by Cameron Farn. Taken straight from his imaginative mind and presented as large scale busts and full scale figures they will appear in the exhibit with their design illustrations, paintings, props and Images of the development of the life-forms including écorchés (anatomy and muscle studies).

Cameron Farn, a prolific designer and digital/traditional sculptor, began the work as a way to visualize the characters and their place in his world while story notes were being penned for a future novelization. Some of the life-forms were of such an unusual design they required deeper anatomical study and development to understand just how they might have evolved to survive in the environment being described in the written work. As the story concept has grown the cast of digital sculptures has expanded to nearly thirty unique species, which are now ready to go to the next stage of production.

Red Sands has evolved from a story concept into an otherworldly art experience based on anatomical study and the use of what Cameron calls creative reasoning. The project when complete will open in Calgary but is designed to be toured as a special event to distant locations including conventions, gallery showings and educational venues such as science centers, to allow as many interested and enthusiastic alien art lovers to enjoy not only the spectacle, but the work taken to create it.

The character busts and figures are first created as digital sculpture in the academy award winning software called ZBrush. Each is meticulously formed and detailed, and then are milled using computer navigated cutting machinery (CNC). Milling materials and CNC time have been generously donated by F&D Scene Changes Ltd and will allow Cameron to mill the busts at approximately 5′ tall while the full size figures will be milled at their natural scale, some ranging from 4′ to 10’ tall. Each of the characters are sculpted to include wrinkles and pores, and every imaginable detail is supported by hand crafted finish and paint work.

The exhibit is centered around the presentation of the large scale busts and figures, but the characters need context to draw the viewer into the story and so each will be outfitted to survive in their environment with appropriate tools, weapons and gear which helps ground them to a way of life and firmly sets them in the World of the Red Sands as a fully realized living being.

Artwork available for purchase.