Light Painting Workshop


Discover the fascinating world of Montreal artist Patrick Rochon, award winning light painter with over 20 years of experience.

It’s open to everyone, photographers, painters, artists, or just people who wants to learn something creative!

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To Bring:
-SLR camera equipped to do long exposure (30 seconds minimum). On Bulb setting, remote or cable release is better.
-Any handheld portable lights you have such as flashlights, flashes, laser pointers.
-We will use reflective paper, plastics and colour gels to build tools so if you have anything like this bring it to the workshop.
Introduction + slide show – 30 minutes.
Light tools; create your own + special effects – 30 minutes
Testing and shooting with tools (in small groups) – 60 minutes
Working with a model; basic lighting – 30 minutes
Shooting time (in small groups) – 60 minutes
Questions and comments – 30 minutes