Radiant Light Painting Art Exhibit

Radiant Light Painting Art Exhibition by Patrick Rochon.
Art Opening Night – March 7, 2014.
7 – 10pm.
We are thrilled to host Montreal artist Patrick Rochon. This exhibition represents not only the expression of light human bodies emit but the extensive experience and technique the artist has acquired throughout the years.
“Most of what shapes reality is unseen.
I’ve been fascinated by what we can’t see. Like the shape of sounds, energy, vibrations, feelings, the photons our bodies emits.
Light is invisible until it touches something. Vibrations made by our voices have the most intricate shapes as we can see with cymatics. The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto shows us that we are directly influencing and shaping our surrounding through our intentions.
The planets in relationship to one another move in beautiful patterns similar to sacred geometry.
If you look at a mandala, at sacred geometry, at fractals, at patterns used in art or observed in nature such as the Golden Ratio spiral you see a connection that links it all.”